About us

Situated in the heart of Pretoria, Gauteng Funeral Services lies in the historical multiracial suburb of Marabastad.  Ironically Gauteng Funeral Services was born when the country was undergoing major transformation and our motto “Born to serve the nation” was appropriate and gave the company a sense of patriotism and a need to be of service to the nation. One of our values are to strive and deliver service that exceeds the expectations of each family we serve.  Gauteng Funeral Services gave funeral undertaking a whole new meaning by providing the community with more than just a funeral service. GFS provides funeral packages which includes different aspects of catering. Our aim was to let the family deal with their grief while we take care of the rest.


In the buzz of the capital is a quiet holding dating back to the early 1900’s where the staff of GFS come together with one main purpose: to serve the nation with the three C’s. Care, Courtesy and Compassionit is the mission of Gauteng Funeral Service to facilitate meaningful ways for families to grieve their loss and celebrate the memories of their loved ones. We will do this by providing information, options, and guidance with the highest level of competence, courtesy and compassion. We will provide respectful and affordable funeral, cremation and memorial services, always striving to be the best in what we do.

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